Thursday, February 7, 2008

Survivor 16: Day 1

I'm so excited for Survivor to start tonight! Fans vs. Favourites is so exciting!!!! Only 2 hours and 52 minutes left as of right now! I may have to just save this and "publish" it later, so then it might be already over but I'm just so excited!!!!! Me and Nattie are even going to go all out and have chips for a snack! Eek! Also, I haven't had a slurpee since the last Survivor finale, so I'm pretty excited for that also!

Tomorrow I'm going to see Juno again with Molly and I expect it to be quite a bit of fun!!!! She's having lunch with our Aunt first and then meeting me and I'm excited for it!!! It's so flipping freezing in this computer lab right now it's difficult to type, but oh well!

I'm still sick but whatever. I felt like CRAP this morning and just after lunch and after my last class but now that I've been sitting in this lab physically doing nothing for a few hours I feel a lot better! Maybe it's just sheer excitement for Survivor or something though, I'm not sure! I will sleep like a log tonight though, that I know for sure!

I wish I had a million blogs to read kind of. But I wish they all belonged to people whose lives I actually super super cared about. Those are the best ones to read! But anyways, it doesn't matter! I really need to lower the level of procrastination in my life a LOT anyways, so the less blogs the better, really.... I applied for a summer student job at a place called Enerplus, but I don't super care if I get it or not because I love my job at the mall and would like to do that this summer but also because I'd like to take spring and summer courses this year. If I do that, I could definitely graduate next year. If I take 2 in spring AND summer, I'd have no winter semester even! I think I'll try and finish out a math minor though. I know it's crazy and I always have a good reason to stop taking math courses, but I also have an even better reason to start again: I LOVE math! And I would really like to be a math teacher. So I'm gonna give it a try. What about a tutor? Nattie said today, and I've never thought about that! It's so dumb to not even think about it! So, I looked online today on the U of C tutor lists and found someone who tutors discrete and I already emailed her to see if she's tutoring in the summer this year, because I'm registered in discrete mathematics for that semester! I think I'll still take Italian though, I'm just dying to learn it, and if I hate it, so be it! I also need 1 more 400-level soci course which I had forgotten about until now!

I gotta go though, Nattie's on her way... I wanted to complain about how much I miss Boston Public and Ed today, but I shall write about them another day!!!



Natalie said...

I'm glad you looked into getting a tutor! It seems like you really want to finish your minor, so maybe it will make you want to take more math courses!

Best of luck :)

Louamonster said...

eh, we'll see what happens... ha ha you never know...