Thursday, February 28, 2008


First week back to school! I guess I sort of posted about that already. It actually wasn't too bad. I was expecting an oh-so-horrible week and it turned out OK. It was fairly boring though, I guess. I'm really excited to graduate lately. I know it won't happen for a little while yet, but a year from now I could be done classes, though there's no way I'll convocate before June 2009. That said, I WILL convocate June 2009 no matter what. At worst, I'll take classes in Winter 2009 but that would be the end.

Today me and Nattie got stuck on the train for over an hour because of an accident at 39th Ave. This was good and bad for a few reasons:

it was a pain in the rear end. I missed my midterm (but will be able to make it up). Mostly it was bad because Nattie somehow threw out her back yesterday and so it hurt her to stand up the whole time. I should have asked someone if they could spare their seat, but I didn't really think about it at the time. I also doubt it would have worked, "excuse me, would you mind giving up your seat so my friend (who looks extremely young and healthy) could sit down?". Somehow I'm not so sure.

I didn't study for that midterm because I was working on something else. I will probably get to study in the next week, so this is good. I don't think I have anything else due next week, so this actually works out to be an advantage on my part (though I would have gladly written it today to get it over with).

The thing I was working on instead of studying for my midterm was basically a fake research article. I was kind of excited to write it and it was a good assignment that I enjoyed, but I'm not entirely sure how proud I am of it. I'll know better for the next one though (we have 3 in the semester). Oh well though. I'm usually not one to stress about things that I've already done or handed in so I'm over it.

On a sad note, L is NOT going to be coming to see me anymore. She's being switched out of her regular math program. I think she'll still technically be in grade 9 math, but won't take the provincial and just go into Math 14 and 24 in high school. I will definitely miss having her come over and have lots of math fun with me, but she might come back in highschool if she needs help.

I am pretty certain I have a new tutoring student though. I don't know her name yet and I forgot her mother's name which is so bad and I'm so stressed out about it but I'm sure I'll figure it out when they come see me next Wednesday!

Also, today on the train me and Nattie kind of met up with this girl Gemma who we went to our highschool and was a year ahead of us. She dated someone in our grade (and still does actually) and I'm pretty sure we have a mutual friend. ANNNyways...she was talking about how she's in the ed. program and I asked her if junior high falls under elementary or secondary and she said elementary but that she could teach junior high math because she has a bunch of math courses. How many courses does she have? (I asked). 5. EEEEE!!! I have 4, so if I took one more there might be a possibility I could do the same! I'll have to see though, but I would be HIGHLY interested. I just have so many things I want to do and only one lifetime.

Laying it all on the line, there are three things that I'm interested in doing:
1) Teaching. High school for sure, but math or social, I wouldn't care, I love them both.
2) Grad School. Kind of self-explanatory, but I don't think I have the work ethic or motivation at this moment. I'd take some time off though, buy a house, and then go back one way or the other (actually I'll do this no matter what kind of school I go back for).
3) Documentary making. I thought about taking broadcasting (and felt embarassed because that's exactly what Jord is taking), but found something better at SAIT called Film and Video technology or something. I was really inspired a bunch of years ago by a documentary called "Mixed Blessings" and this is definitely something I'd be interested in doing. I think I could probably get my foot in the door by working at the CBC and that's something I'd be interested in.

Anyways, I know there are pros and cons to anything that someone chooses to do, I just wish I could make a decision. I have time though. Maybe not much, but some. I am graduating fairly early in my life(-ish, anyways). Whatever though.

Also, on a lighter note, me and Nattie just took quizzes on the internet to see what party we should vote for in the 2006 federal election and we both got NDP. She also got 100% conservative, so riddle me that, but whatever! Ha ha, she tried to send Matt a text saying about how she's a communist but neither of us get signals in this computer lab....

I'm pretty excited because on Monday I'm volunteering at the Green Party election party night thing! It's the first real political action I've ever done and I'm pretty excited! I hope someone actually gets elected, but I think it might be a long shot.

EDIT: I made an online to-do list. The link is to the side with the rest of my links. Check it out if you're bored or if you care (I don't expect anyone to care... ;))



Natalie said...

Sounds like lots of fun, friend!!! I know exactly what you mean about wanting to do so much and having so little time to do it!! I am pretty sure I want to go to grad school for business, but then sometimes I read my psyc books and think about how I would LOVE to learn about psyc for the rest of my life! Haha, I think I am going to go to SAIT too, either between degrees or something. I've looked at night classes, and did you know that you only need 8 classes to get a photography certificate? That is the next thing I want to do! That being said, who knows if I'll even get into grad school! I hope so.

Good job at the political participation! :) <3

Louamonster said...

Ha ha, I enjoy that you are in the same boat as me. I'm sure it's not a very lonely boat. I don't know if I could get into grad school either. I think I might have a slight leg up on the competition in that I think stats is the most exciting thing in the world. Also, when I read about a "photography certificate" I saw "pornography certificate" so keep your eyes out for that.


Kaila Cook said...

Hehe... just recently I changed my goals for the future..... So, I kind of know what your going through trying decide what to do... But I know you will do amazing in whatever you choose to do!! Love yah lots, and see you in 3 months......

Louamonster said...


you should post about your goals for the future so I can know them ASAP! Ha ha, and so will you be amazing at whatever you do! I'm excited for me that you are coming home in 3 months!!!

-ashley* said...
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-ashley* said...

Hey Lauren!!

Its ok that you are stalking me... I will allow it!! hahaha. I hope to see you when I get back... it has been forever!! Now we are blogger friends!!! (?) that sounded weird