Tuesday, June 17, 2008

"I have an art tattoo and I'm not the most pretentious person here"

Today's title is a quote that a friend said a few weeks ago and I just had to share it. It made me so happy and was so funny, so I just had to!

I have to tutor in approximately 5 minutes, so I'll definitely have to save this and then come back to it when I'm done!

My neck and back hurt so much though! I cleaned my bedroom today which was pretty nice because I was kind of dying to do it. Well, I was dying for it to be done, and I'm the only person who will do it! So I have 2 loads of laundry left to fold and then that's all! I have pictures, but I just don't have the time to get them right now, so they'll be on this post. Probably directly under this paragraph.



I feel like I have very little to say! Spring lectures will be over in 8 days, which is pretty darn exciting! Then I have an oral exam for Italian (I was thinking French) on the 26th (Thursday) and then the written final on the 30th (holiday Monday, thanks a lot U of C).

I just finished tutoring though. And I'm enjoying a Jumbo Mr. Freeze. It's delish! I really shouldn't, but I may have another one after this. I don't think I really have anything else exciting to report on! It's been a VERY long time since I wrote something and I got nothin! How embarassing!!!

Molly's coming home VERY soon! Only 13 days, 2 hours and 46 minutes left!!! I'm pretty excited!!!



Natalie said...
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Natalie said...

Haha. Did you notice that your first paragraph is red? I had to scroll down and see if they are usually red and I just don't notice.

Nice job on the bedroom. How long did it take?

Don't you hate having nothing to post about?

Louamonster said...

I know! I couldn't figure out how to make it un-red, cause I don't like it much!

I know I was thinking of lots of things to write about but I just couldn't think of anything!

Alex Schmalex. said...

lauren!! your room looks like a disaster like mine!! i should take pictures and put them on here..its gross..i still have stuff from camping 2 weeks ago that i have yet to wash !! :P