Friday, June 27, 2008

Slightly strange week.


I hope this message finds you all well! I've been having a strange week! It was somewhat busy with school just because we presented our team teaching presentation on Wednesday, so there was some work and stuff to do with that. Yesterday was Mr. Munro's funeral and it was very very sad! I went by myself because I was just going to sit with Kim Baty and her mom but they couldn't come, so I was sitting by myself and then I saw Angela (my very best friend from grade 5 and 6) and her momma and so I followed Ange to the bathroom and then we all sat together. It was really, really sad though. And we saw Mr. Dougherty there (he was kind of Mr. Munro's teacher buddy, you know when classes do lots of stuff together) and he had the exact same haircut! It was excellent! Anyways, it was a very sad thing and my eyes are totally raw from Kleenexes (of course, I'm such a crier). And today I expect to have even rawer eyes because I will probably cry at Aaron's wedding too, which is today! I'm very excited! It'll be a really fun time and I'll get to catch up with Jana too, which is also very exciting!!! Plus I had a nice time wrapping their gift and writing in their card! It will be a great time! I'll try and take a few pictures and post them!


EDIT: Jord and I were talking about wedding registries and he asked if Aaron and Nicole had registered for a TV and I said no because that's tacky but he said he doesn't think it's tacky. My mom agreed that it was NOT tacky, but I just wanted to know how others felt. Opinions?

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