Monday, July 30, 2007

Wonderful Wonderful Weekend

I can NOT stop smiling! It's sooo embarassing! I just had the most magical weekend! Friday was fun, my pops took me and Nattie to a baseball game and it was approximately 17 billion times more fun than I expected! Then, on Saturday, I hung around at home for the morning and then James came to pick me up for lunch and we went out to banzai (which I really don't like that much anymore, I'm sorry to say) but it was OK... then Jordan's coach and his son hosted a soccer windup party in honour of last indoor season! It was soooo much fun and I got to hang out with Jackie (Jacqui? mmmm. not sure) and Angela and I met Claire, which was exciting, cause I've seen her a lot, but never introduced myself or anything.... and the guys, of course, on Jordan's soccer team, and BD's mom was there too!!! Anyways, I got pretty darn hammered and started singin away with Nate and Skuce (which is always fun)... but usually, when I'm less drunk than I was that night (which is every time) I'm usually more reserved and I stay much quieter, but Saturday was a different story... I was BELTING it out (which I'm sure was plenty embarassing, at least I thought so) but Jackie and Skuce and Felipe and Nate said I had a pretty voice and they basically kept on saying it over and over and over again. It's so silly, because people have told me that before, but I think it means more coming from people who have no obligation to me... my parents and Nattie and Jordy will of course tell me I sound good, but for some reason it seems realer coming from people that I don't know that well. I know that's the stupidest thing ever, because it of course MEANS more to have people I know/love the most in the world tell me stuff like that, but I know what it's like not wanting someone to fall or thinking they're awesome anyways and seeing something through rose coloured glasses or something.... I dunno, it was just so nice and fulfilling and I wish it could be my life to sing in front of people (and I wish I could be braver at it) but that's all a totally different story. In any case.... I'm still smiling about it... ha ha, and me and Skuce and Nate are going to start a band (I wish). But even though I'm fairly serious about wanting to do that, I don't know how much more than a drunken "that would be awesome" thing it was. I feel like I could conquer the world right now though, but I know I should know better. I just would like to bask in that feeling a little longer, and that's exactly what I plan to do... although Libby will be here soon, and goodness knows she'll recheck something that I already checked or something, and that should remind me that I can't do anything right... ha ha... I don't think even she could bring me down today.

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