Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Me and Jordan and Nattie and Matt all went to Edmonton last weekend to go to the waterpark and it was soooooooooooooo much fun!!!!!! We went to the waterpark on Saturday at about 10, we left home at 6:30 and got gas and donuts for the road! We had a bit of a competition with this jerk in a minivan who was driving like an idiot and kept speeding ahead of us and then slowing down. It was silly....anyways, so we went to the waterpark and had tons of fun then we went back to our beautiful hotel room at the fantasyland hotel!!!!!!!! And we had planned to go out somewhere and drink a little, but we were gonna do some predrinking first, but the predrinking was a drinking game and jordan drank way too much and then we went to a movie and he got sick in the bathroom and i had to take him home like a baby (tee hee, sorry hun).... anyways, then on sunday we woke up and got breakfast and did a little shopping and went home!!!!!!!!!! we wanted to stop in red deer and grab some mcdicks but they were closed due to a staff shortage and then we had to go to innisfail and the service and food was pretty bad there. Anyways, then we drove home and watched big brother! It was a really fun and relaxing weekend!!!!!!!! If we get itchin for another waterpark vacation later this summer we might hit sylvan lake, which would also be wicked fun!!!!!!!! Anyways, I'm at work and I have to go soon to catch our ride with Nattie's mom!!! Hooray for driving instead of taking the bus!!!!!!! Anyways, I can't wait for big brother and iron chef tonight! Oh shoot! Except that they're on at the same time! BOO!!! Hmmm. Anyways, FUN WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!

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