Friday, July 6, 2007

Drumheller 2007!

Last Saturday, June 30, Natalie, Matt, and I took a trip out to Drumheller! It was really really fun and I was amazed by the scenery on the way (I didn't know Drumheller was a valley) and it was just so different than Calgary, it was like being in a different country or something! It was just so cool! I wish I could post ALL my pictures, but I just don't have that kind of time, so I'll post 1 picture from each time period that I took.... they have this thing where you walk through a pathway that goes from the beginning of time until now (for the most part). It's way cool!!!

The biggest dinosaur in the world! You can walk up stairs to get to the mouth and look out, but we didn't....

This was a real, live, soft-shelled turtle! I L-O-V-E turtles!!!

Matt likes to hunt, so I took a picture of him in front of some primitive hunting tools (or primitive Matt tools, as I called them...)

There was no human display, so Matt and Nattie made one for me! Nattie is being a philosopher and I think Matt is being a hunter/gatherer type. He looks a little angry anyways....

I know this is kind of lame-ish, but it's how they end the museum, so I figured, what the heck!

Anyways, it was a really fun trip and we missed Jordan, but stuff happens I guess! He had fun at Fall Out Boy too, so it worked out! After Drumheller, we went to the football game and saw awesome fireworks and then to The Kilkenny and then we all slept over at Matt's house! And then on Sunday, we went to the lake and then tried to see the fireworks, but I met Jordan and so we missed most of them. What we saw was still cool though! It was an awesome weekend! And I hope for another awesome weekend this weekend! We're going to see Transformers tonight (I have to go pick up our tickets soon) and so hopefully it'll be a great weekend! I spent today at the lake and now I might go back even though I already showered, but I think I might go back, I haven't really decided yet.... Anyways.... I hope everyone else has as awesome a weekend as I did last week!!! I hope whoever reads this enjoys the pictures!

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