Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The One-hundredth!

This is my one-hundredth post!!! I really don't have a lot of important things to blog about, but my last two were kind of depressing so I wanted to break the cycle! And what better way to do that than to write a one-hundredth post!

The first thing to be excited about is that spring semester is done! I wrote my Italian final yesterday and did the oral part of it on Thursday, so it's all done! So now I'm enjoying my semester break. And by that I mean the one day off that I get! Whatever though!

Secondly, Sandy put up the schedule yesterday for the rest of the summer (until August 30) and she gave me quite a few shifts! I'm very excited about that because I will get to make some CASH! That also means that I don't think I'll be able to make it for my great uncle's granddaughter's bat mitzvah. I think that makes her my third cousin or something, but I won't be able to go, which kind of sucks but it's OK. But I got my birthday off! Hooray!

Third, Molly is home! Hooray! I think today we're going to the mall to get her cell phone all set up and then I don't know what else. I think we might just rent a couple of movies and watch them here. Maybe we'll grab some lunchies at the mall too!

And finally, the "piece de resistance": not only am I registered for fall, but my degree navigator says that my program is done! Take a look:

"BA in Sociology

20 of 20 full course equivalents are complete

6 of 6 requirements are complete
Program status : Done"

That's so funny that I said "take a look" because at the moment I said that, so did Maury! Oh Maury, how I love thee.

Oh yeah, and Aaron's wedding! It was pretty fun! It was also a little weird, just because AARON GOT MARRIED! It was fantastic though and I'm oh so happy for him! They just looked so happy! And she was very, very very oh so beautiful! I can't wait to actually hopefully spend some time with them once things settle down a little! The only bummer was that Jana didn't make it!

I'm sorry that my one-hundredth post was nothing too exciting!

Just for Jord, let me post a link to Bo Burnham and also one for myself: Wipeout (everyone should watch Wipeout on Tuesday at 9)!!!


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kortney said...

Andrea!?! I never knew you had a blog!!! I'm excited to add you to my links and start reading :)