Tuesday, March 13, 2007


EEK! So, Kiwanis was on Saturday and it was very scary! It worked out OK though, whatever. Then we went to Limericks for dinner and I thought it was mighty delicious but everyone else just thought it was OK I think. I am DEFINITELY going back there in the future though!!! Mmmm, let's see... what else is going on... my tutoring thing is crazy huge these days apparently! I have 5 kids right now: Jenn, Byron, Marnie, Laura, and Kiana. But, when Eleanor and I spoke on Monday, I'm pretty sure she is going to send her daughter, Ebony and it sounded like Betty thought that Ryan maybe needed help. It would be a little strange to tutor Ryan though, because I worked with him. We'll see what happens though. Plus, Nattie posted a comment about a gr. 10 person and Sam said 2 people on my blog too, so I'm just amazed! I'll have to start saying no soon, because I feel very busy. I'm very excited to go away to Banff (I think) this weekend!!! My webmessenger isn't working right today, which is sad, but not a big deal because noone is really online. It's quite unfortunate!!! I don't have much else to say today! I think I'm going to skip math though. There's no quiz today and I've been exhausted all day. I'll never make it through. Yes, I will be skipping math today. And I have no lesson because Noelle has to deal with Horton! So, things are good! Except that I left my stupid wallet at home today so I had to borrow money from my ma on the way to school. Oh well though. It worked out OK, so that's exciting!!! I feel quite sleepy though still. I spent my whole morning packing and moving giant blue bins so that Sherritt can be moved this evening. Right now-ish probably as a matter of fact. I'm gonna go get on with my skipping class now though. Love you all, can't wait to read fun comments!!! <3

OH, and finally, a great quote from today: "Society isn't going to change just because YOU decide to procreate" -Ashley, in soci 371. SOO FUNNIE! (and true)


Anonymous said...

do you only blog on tuesdays???

Louamonster said...

Ha ha, yes sam, it seems I only blog on Tuesdays... I don't really mean to, but it's really the only chance I get to sit down and waste some time on the internet and write some stuff down! No fun, hey?