Sunday, March 18, 2007


Today I am in Canmore with my family. It is much fun. Yesterday we went to Banff and looked around and enjoyed a movie (Wild Hogs), except it wasn't too good... but then after we came home we enjoyed both Saved and When Harry Met Sally, which are two of my all-time favourites!!! I am having a nice time, but I kind of miss James a lot. And Nattie and Mattie of course, but it is sometimes normal to not see Nattie and Mattie for a weekend, but not James. So yes... I will be missing all three of them very muchly tonight because I will be watching The Apprentice and The Amazing Race all by myself. Molly watched 1 vs. 100 with me on Friday though, so maybe she'll watch them with me, but somehow I doubt it. I was thinking about Kaila the other day and how she must be looking at all this AMAZING scenery, being in Japan... but then I looked around me and realized that this is pretty AMAZING scenery as well. And it made me slightly less jealous of her adventure!!! <3

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