Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Yesterday... funniness!

OK, I totally forgot about this!!! Yesterday me and Byron were doing math and he was being really giggly (as my mother pointed out, Byron doesn't really giggle, but he was laughing lots, so it will from now on be talked about as giggly). And that made me kind of giggly too. On Sunday I was watching The Office with my mom, and in the last episode of the second season, Michael is talking about their casino and how good he is at poker and he says "I'm going to drop a deuce on everyone" or something hilarious like that. So Byron was talking while he was writing the question and he said deuce instead of two, and I just burst out laughing and told him why and we had a good laugh together. It was really fun.


Kaila said...

Isn't it just fun to laugh with loved ones!!!

Stefan said...

It sure is. I am a large fan of laughing.

Louamonster said...

OK, I posted the comment that is supposedly by stefan by accident!!! My sister's friend stefan was on our computator, and forgot to sign off and now I cannot figure out how to erase it!!! EEK!