Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Math day!

I don't particularly feel like going to math today, but I think I'll go, seeing as I'm here and stuff. Plus, I have nothing better to do this evening until American Idol starts. I really wanted to finish that book for that other class, but didn't get a chance and I certainly am not doing it on the weekend! I'm not doing ANYTHING on the weekend! Except spending time with James, probably. And tutoring, but only for 1 hour. Anyways... nothing important or exciting going on, except that I think we all know there's a good chance I won't go to class. Ha ha, I'm so stupid! OK, I know what! If the solutions for the sheet are on the website, I'll go home, and if they aren't, I'll go to class. DUN DUN DUN! Oh shoot. To go, or not to go. (The solutions are not posted). Oh I don't know. I'm going home. Boourns to math. But I think I'll wait a while and then my parents won't know I skipped!!! Hooray!!! I never EVER learn anything in that tutorial anyways, and there's no quiz this week, so I'm totally skipping! Have a nice evening all! (well, the 3 people who read this ;)) LATER!!! :)

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