Tuesday, March 20, 2007

So tired of this...

Hey all!!! I don't have too too much to say today, but it's Tuesday and I have the time, so I might as well!!! Today I had a funny day. I just didn't feel like going to school. I just want it to be OVER!!! And today I had an attack of that nature. I think it's just cause I saw Jordy cause he left his phone at my house and so we met so he could get it back. Anyways, between that and the yucky snowy weather, I think I was just in a bad mood. Oh well though. Now I don't feel so awful about being here. I still don't want to be here, no doubt, but I just don't feel in the mood to do this today. I think it's also because I've had such a lousy year here. I was sick at the beginning and so lonely last semester there were a few times I was sure I would just start randomly crying in class (while being sick though, that had a lot to do with it)... then I had to work with that horrible horrible woman and so that was a real blow... then I failed computers. I dunno. And this semester has been better though, not 100%. I still don't really know anyone here, though it's nice to have Ashley and Kristi in my classes (also nice that it's different classes), even though they're a little abrasive at times. That's OK though. I like tutoring more than working at IDA. I dunno. I think that it's just been a long time since I just got to sit on my bum and do nothing at home for a whole day. I can't wait for Saturday though!!! Laura will come at 10:30, for an hour, and then I have the rest of the day to myself!!! AND I can watch Moving Up (one of my new favourite shows). Anyways, I definitely feel better now. I kind of want to switch computer labs though, because I brought my DVD from the Love Vote (the dating show thing that my boss was on) and I wanted to watch it but I'm afraid I'll set off an alarm if I try and find the speaker thing so I can plug in my headphones. I'll just watch it later I guess!!!

Ooh, today on the train I was reading Foucault, and it was this description of punishment from the 1700s or something. It was SOOOO graphic and sickening!!!! It makes me real sad that people did stuff like that to other people!!! Anyways... Nattie should update her d-land cause she hasn't in like 2 weeks!!!! <3

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