Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My newest search! And an unfortunate event.

First, for the unfortunate event. I really have to be QUICK with this post because I have class in exactly 27 minutes and it just moved so I don't want to be late. ANNNYYYWAYS.....

On Monday, I was taking the train from school to work and I was in the front car (of course) when the train hit a person. It was absolutely terrifying and the driver was obviously totally and completely in shock. It was so brutal and luckily (for me) all I saw was the driver freaking out. I think the woman is still alive but I'm pretty certain she meant to do it so that's got to be a highly unfortunate situation.

Now for my latest images search!!! I got a new phone yesterday!!! Hooray!!!! It's a slidey one and I really like it a lot. It's very small though, and I'll be very very afraid to lose it, at least for the first little while!

Anyways, that's really about all. Otherwise, the semester (of 2 days) is going well so far. Yesterday Jordan took me on a wonderful date because of being together for three years and it was low key (as always). I took the bus to Mt. Royal to do work until 6:30 when his class was over, but it got cancelled so the second I sat down and got all cozy in the library (which is soooo much nicer than the U of C's, by the way) he came to get me cause it was already time to go. Oh well though, it was fun to hang out extra! Then we went to Chinook Centre to waste a little time and had a snack with Nate and Skuce (who were on their way to work at Aldo). Then we had a delicious dinner at Chianti and we really tried to see a movie but NOTHING worked for us, so we rented Mr. Woodcock (which was OK but kind of stupid), watched a little Seinfeld, and OH! we tried to play Super Paper Mario, cause we rented it but my Wii didn't like it! I'll have to try and clean 'er off and see what I can get done there. Anyways, I should go because it's almost time to go to class! With one of my very favourites, Dr. Wong! All in all, my teachers are very good this semester (I half know, half think). Dr. Wong and Linda are two of my very favourites and then my Soci of work teacher seems amazing and then my fourth one seems pretty good even though she's a little pretentious (which happens).


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