Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lose-lose situation

I really don't have TOO TOO much to say today... yesterday we went to the hockey game for Nattie's birthday and we all had lots and lots of fun! Ha ha, as far as I know we had lots and lots of fun anyways! Tee hee, it was a really good game though, the Flames won, but the Sharks definitely gave them a run for their money, particularly at the end! Also, I finally (think) I know what the offside rule is, so that's pretty exciting!

As far as today's title goes.... I was a little depressed sitting in class today because we were talking about how women are always depressed when they have children (or at least more depressed, in general than men). Being a housewife is no good because you are kind of isolated and have no independence (read: no income) and have to rely on your husband for money "now" and later in life when you have no pension (or too small a pension). Full-time working moms aren't happy because they have too much on their plates and part-time working moms feel like they aren't good at anything. Ha ha, real selling points for the propagation of the species coming from my class, hey?

This isn't necessarily to say that I'm dying to have babies and now I'm upset because it's obviously not a very good choice.... it's just kind of a bummer I guess, that if I hypothetically had babies (or baby, whatever), I wouldn't be very happy day-to-day.... I'm not sure how accurate this study was, it was kind of exploratory, and you never know what works for every person in the world, but it was still a little bleak.

Anyways, otherwise the week has been decent. I'm so excited it's Thursday today! And I think we're having Tim Horton's chili (from the good Timmie's in Douglasglen) for dinner today, which is just what the doctor ordered because of the flipping cold! Also, Survivor starts in 7 days, 2 hours, and 47 minutes! After that, I've got nothing in my countdown! I definitely should put the Thrice show in there, but that's just 2 days after Survivor starts, so I'll have to make some other exciting plans! Well, I guess going to Edmonton and reading week are exciting, so there it is I suppose!



Natalie said...

When are you going to Edmonton? Like our summer trip? That is probably so far away I don't even want to know!!

Louamonster said...

Ha ha, no, I'm going with my ma and sister to see Maile and Rylan and my Auntie Sharon not this weekend but the one after!