Thursday, January 10, 2008


I have three important things to talk about today! A list! Hooray!

1. My week off

Today is pretty much the last day of my lazy-time off! I actually didn't have that many lazy lazy days but it was good anyways. I know I'll be cursing it soon enough when I get no paycheque in two weeks, but it's been pretty worth it. Hard to believe that it's been almost two weeks already though! Or maybe I will get one week's worth in two weeks. Hmmm. I'm actually not sure. Whatever though, I'll work it out. Oh, by the way, I'm watching Maury right now and there's a piece of tape from the show Cheaters, which I WISH you could see in Canada (or at least on the channels I get)!

2. Molly's car

Tomorrow Molly and my dad are going to Edmonton to probably buy a car. I will probably go with them to pick it up! This is not a very exciting thing, but that's OK. Well, it's exciting for Molly! I hope we play Animal on the way home. HA HA!!!!


Firstly, yes, I know I spelled "favourites" wrong, but since it's an American network, that's the way they spell it so I figure it would be inappropriate for me to spell it the correct way. Anyways.... I'm SOOO excited! Some of MY favourites are coming back! James, Jonathan, Jonny Fairplay AND Yau-Man are ALL going to be in it!!! Plus, Ami, everyone's favourite self-righteous homosexual!!!! I was reading some stuff online though, about how people are pissed about the Jonny-Fairplay-grandma's-dead-incident and I think they can unclench. He made a hilarious and brilliant move! It was awesome! I hope he sticks around for a WHILE and that Amanda gets voted out FIRST! I'm so so so so excited! Only 28 days, 7 hours, and 38 minutes!

Actually, there is more to talk about! I've been watching Big Love lately and have started to enjoy it. The characters are rich and funny and quirky and I've really started to enjoy it. Anyways, I think I will keep on watching it. I kind of like how he loves his first wife best out of all of them. It's just a really good show.


We're going to Banff this weekend! I forgot about that and I'm such an idiot! I'm so so so excited! We're leaving at like 9 or something on Saturday morning and staying over on Saturday night! Oh, of course "we"= James, Lou, Mattie, and Nattie! We're going to the hot springs, which I'm super excited for because I love the hot springs! Plus a nature walk and maybe a movie or something and some shopping! I'm just very excited for the whole thing.

OK, now I'm really done.


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