Thursday, January 24, 2008

A quick one!

I really think I'm going to try and be speedy on this one, because I may be going to wait in line while Nattie's in class for the Lululemon Warehouse sale! Hooray! I hope it doesn't get too cold if I do go out there and wait. Smart people should be selling hot chocolate and coffee today but who knows if anyone in this city will be doing so! I could have sworn I had something else important to say, other than that IT'S THURSDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOORAY!!! I'm so excited! I don't even care what we do, cause it's THURSDAY! I kind of hope we go to the Lululemon warehouse sale, but we shall see! Anyways, I think that's all! It's flipping cold in this room! I wonder how much reading I could get done while waiting in line for a few hours!



Natalie said...

I hope you like your purchases! Did you try them yet?

Louamonster said...

I quite like my purchases! I wore my pants the other day and I am wearing them again right now for the game! Hooray! They're just not very warm though, so I feel like I will freeze. Maybe I'll wear my snowpants on top! They'll be the best summer pants ever though!