Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I HATE the sound of chewing. I just H-A-T-E it! There's this friggin girl in this computer lab right now and she's eating rice crackers (which also happen to smell awful) and dropping crumbs all over the floor. It's flipping disgusting. Oh wow she just opened another package. Kill me now. Tee hee, plus I'm a little hungry so I'm jealous even though if I had to eat whatever it is she's having I'd say thanks but no thanks anyways.

OK, so I wrote that a few hours ago and I have luckily escaped the horrible chewing! I have an hour left to work now, so a little more time to mess around and so I'm going to finish this up.

School's been OK so far. A lot of reading, but whatever, it happens. Work is going good with school together which I'm very very thankful for! Tonight I get to go out for dinner to Caesar's steakhouse and am very excited because the food there is muy delicioso! And I'm still hungry (no big surprise) even though I already ate my lunch :(. Anyways, I really can't stay long, I have to finish up some work, but I had to rant about the chewing. It was just awful.


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