Monday, January 7, 2008

Nattie's birthday!

On Friday, we went out to see Juno for Nattie's birthday! The movie was amazing, and everyone liked it which was good! And then we went to Humpty's for our usual after-movie breakfast (or chicken fingers in Matt's case) which was fun and mostly good, except my bacon was kind of gross cause it was like 60% fat, so I just ate the good parts, but whatever! Annnyways, then we came back here and me and Jord were so excited to give Nattie her present that we did it in the middle of the night! We hid it beside my water softener and I made a treasure map for it at work on New Years Day (we were obviously very busy that day... ha ha, this is what I got paid time and a half for!) and then she had to find puzzle pieces based on the clues that we gave her! It was really fun, and then after she put the puzzle together she found her Flames and Sharks ticket for the 30th of January! I'm so so so excited for the game and so extra super thrilled that Nattie liked it and is also excited! Now, I shall include the pictures!


Natalie said...

Haha I love how the picture where I am holding the present and the map totally captures my excitement!!

Louamonster said...

tee hee! man that was fun!