Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"Apparently the Johns don't know a mechanical fish when they see one"

So I'm watching Wipeout (so excited) and they had this qualifier called "The Dreadmill", which is a giant treadmill that one has to run on for as long as possible while wearing flippers and walking past floatie pool toys on the treadmill. They had one of those obnoxious singing fish on once and the host/commentator guys (or at least one of them) said "oh, a real fish!" or something to that effect and the show put one of those little ticker things on the bottom of the screen that said "apparently the Johns [the host/commentator guys] don't know a mechanical fish when they see one". It was just great. I just love love love this show! The other nice thing is that I couldn't decide whether I wanted to watch Wipeout or Big Brother and then I discover that Big Brother is on RIGHT AFTER Wipeout! Hooray! I love how so many of my posts are about TV!!!

Also, I read almost my whole book today (Looking Backward by Edward Bellamy) because the paper on it is due next Monday! AH! I didn't realize how quick it was coming up until Monday! So I'll have to write the paper on Friday. I would sort of like to start on it tonight but I just don't feel like it! I hope I can do a good (and fast) job of it on Friday! Maybe I'll go to the library!

OH my gosh, this guy just QUIT wipeout!!! OH my gosh!

Anyways, what else, what else... I really think nothing! Jord was too sleepy to drive me home after wings last night so I just slept at his house and then he brought me home this morning, I showered, read for 2 hours or so, had a quick nap (about an hour), ate lunch, read for another couple hours, had another nap, ate dinner, watched a movie with Molly (Penelope, which was pretty dec), finished off my book and now here I am! I've already eaten like 12 snacks though and I feel so sick! Good thing I don't have any more snacks in my bedroom! I also cleaned up my bedroom a little and tossed in a load of laundry, so it really was a pretty productive day! I SHOULD make my lunch for tomorrow tonight, but I guess I could do it tomorrow... eh, I dunno...

I obviously have nothing else to say!



Natalie said...

Haha oh wipeout. Your one true love these days.


Alex Schmalex. said...

LOU!!i watched wipeout as well!! man it was funny and yes that course with the treadmill was quite humorous... my sister and sean watched it with me and they both agree its pretty funny...we were all laughing our asses off..oh man.

Louamonster said...

Wipeout is SUCH a great show. That's all there is! Everyone should watch it, NATTIE! :)