Friday, July 11, 2008


I feel like I've called a thread "Maury" before, which is pretty brutal that I blog about Maury, but whatever....

First, and more importantly though, my phone broke :( which is so brutal! I dropped it for the last time, that's for sho. I wonder if it's still under warranty, that would be cool! But it probably isn't, I'm sure this isn't covered but they'll maybe fix it anyways, I'll have to find out.

I really don't appreciate Maury's best efforts to coin his catch phrase as "Now that's what I'm talking about". I just think he's such an ass. But I sure do like his show sometimes! Think of all the time I waste watching Maury that I could be reading! Oh geez that's bad!


Alex Schmalex. said...

i love maury sometimes too!! i just hate how all the shows are about whos your baby daddy?! its like at this point who cares!!! lol
love ya lou.

Natalie said...

Was it that fateful fall last night?

You are such an avid blogger these days. I am just lovin' this.

Louamonster said...

I sure hope my phone will be OK now that I dropped it and then sent it in for fixin! Ha ha, and Maury is such an idiot but I so love watching him! It's like a family tradition!