Sunday, July 27, 2008

So long Alex and Sean!


I couldn't really think of a title for a while, but since this is an entry partly about Alex and Sean's way fun going away party the other night, I figured I'd put that in! On Saturday after we went to S's birthday party, we went to the Bull and Finch to say a goodbye to Alex and Sean because they are leaving for Europe on Wednesday! I'm sure they're super psyched and I'm sure they'll have so much fun, so even though I will very much MISS having Alex around at work, I'm quite excited for them anyways!!!

I'm really excited also because we finally figured out a way to go to Edmonton for the waterpark this summer!!! We're all going to take a Monday off and gooooo!!! I'm also excited because we're not going until summer semester is already over so I won't have to worry about all the stuff I should be reading or writing while we're gone!

In fact, on the school front I'm not all that worried right now! I'm way ahead for reading for history, I've got the second book read and an outline started for my paper and for soci I've already found 10 articles that we can use for our presentation!!! Hooray!

I really have nothing else to say! :)

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