Monday, July 14, 2008


Thank goodness the greatest outdoor show on earth is done for for this year! Work has been so crazy busy and people have been so angry and upset with us, usually based on their own mistakes, so I'm really, really happy it's over! I went to the stampede with some girlies from work and Jord and Nate yesterday and it was definitely fun, but it was weird to look at it and see what all the fuss has been about! A lot of people tried to pick up their tickets too late and I realized exactly how easy it is to just get them at the grounds when that happens! Whatever though, like I said, it's OVER! Hooray! Or, Yeehaw perhaps?

At the stampede we saw some interesting fashion choices which was pretty fun, and far too many stilettos for me to think this world HASN'T gone crazy! Went on a couple rides, walked around the roundup centre, ate some mini donuts, it was pretty fun for sho! And then me and Nate and Jord met this interesting older dude on the train, which was fun fun fun!

And now I'm at school! I only have like 17 minutes til class starts so I should get this show on the road, but apparently I feel really sick to my stomach! boo! Whatever though!

Molly and I watched a movie on the weekend called Breakfast With Scot, and it was so good! I wanted to see it anyways because it has Ed (Tom Kavanagh) in it and I love him, but my APSY professor recommended it and they had it at Blockbuster so we rented it! And it was really, really good! The kid was such a good actor in it too! And it had a really sweet ending!

Anyways, I oughta get my butt to class immediately!


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