Thursday, July 3, 2008


I went golfing with Jord and his parents yesterday and boy was it fun and boy does it hurt today! Pretty much every single muscle in my body is in pain! It was a great time though and I actually hit a couple not too horrible shots! Good gracious can Jordan ever send that thing flying! I swear he should have been a golfer instead! His parents are highly, highly good golfers too! I had a great time though, and hopefully me and Jord can go golfing on some of our Sundays off together this year, like we always say we will.

For the first time in probably five years, me and Nattie will NOT be spending Thursdays together like we usually do! Tonight she'll be able to make it over after class so we can watch Last Comic Standing, but I'm sure there's no guarantees for the rest of the summer! The first three weeks she has class from 6 til 9 and the last three weeks of summer semester I have class from 6 til 9! So it will NOT be business as usual on Thursdays!

I can't really think if there's anything else to write about! The only funny thing I have to share is this link that I came across today thanks to the Zboard. It's about people putting in write-in votes for George W. Bush. Goodness gracious I hope they do in order to hopefully split the Republican vote a little bit! Go Obama!


Natalie said...

So sad that I have class til 845. Oh well. Only six weeks, and at least we got to watch the show after!

Louamonster said...

Hooray! That actually worked remarkably well!